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Drums are voice and silence. They have a spirit and a heart...


Each drum has a beater included. To get extras please contact me.

Who am I, what I do

Nagi Mauro Gabellini

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In 1999 I went to London looking for a meaning my life. In 2001, after a fall from a three feet height, I had the clarity that "we are what we believe we are" so we can "be whatever we believe".
In 2002 I returned to Italy starting to follow the yogic path, the teachings of Saibaba and Babaj. In my travels in India I met Saibaba and the Shivaitic culture of Babaj. There I learned practices using the four elements (earth, air, fire, water).
In 2005 I met Darosha, one of my spirit guides, the Native American culture and Osho. In that year I attended my first sweat lodge and made my first Vision Quest ( Hanblecheya ) with Sudhiro Miyacha Olowan.
In 2006 I left for Mexico where I met a native from the lineage of the "Dogs of the Desert" ( guardians of the area) with whom I lived for four months. At that time I experienced the local medical plants and I was taught to build the "Shamanic Drum".
From that moment on, my life and my search have walked the path of the Red People. With respect to the People of the Trees, which gives me the wood to build the structures, the Animals, from which I take and prepare the skin and with the guidance of the Fathers of the Four Directions, I give life to my brothers drums .
I honor the many brothers who have shared the experiences with me and the Native American people who kept their culture alive to this day.
OH Mitakuye Oyasin


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You can get in touch with me here. I'm also available to organize courses to learn and build your own drum and for sweat lodges :-)


Tel. +39 328 4029563

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Programma 2022


10 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale a Medole (Mn)
23/24 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale a Biella


1 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale Montichiari (Bs)
7/8 Costruzione Tamburo Norreno collaborazione Massimo Nobili (portatore tradizione Norreno) a Magenta(Mi)
13 Costruzione e rituale Capanna Sudatoria a Torre Pelice(To)
14/15 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale a Torre Pelice (To)
20 Costruzione e rituale Capanna Sudatoria a Frosinone
21/22 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale Frosinone


4/5 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale a Voghera (Pv)
11 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale Ivrea


9/10 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale a Salludecio (Rn)
15 Costruzione e rituale Capanna sudatoria a Cavallermaggiore (Cn)
16/17 Costruzione Tamburo Rituale a Cavallermaggiore (Cn)